About Sherry

Sherry always knew she was intuitive, she would see things out of the blue, however, it was in March 2002, when she was in a horrible car accident that she began to believe her ability.

Months before the accident, she felt very uncomfortable driving as if something was going to happen. On that day in March, while heading to the mall to purchase a baby gift for a shower, a man pulled out to overtake a transport truck and didn’t realize there was another vehicle on the other side, his actions caused a collision. It was if it was in slow motion, and Sherri remembers saying to herself “this isn’t good.” As the driver’s vehicle spinning out of control came towards her door, something happened. She felt as if someone took her out of her car. She has to recollection of the impact, however, when she came to, she was in a graveyard and about 10 feet away from a very close friend’s grave; who had passed away in 1993, his name was Michael. I named my son who was born in 1994 Michael after this friend.

This experience reaffirmed her connection to the spirit world, because she knows it was him that saved her that day. She did sustain injuries in the accident that day, but not as bad as should have been. She knows 100% that this was her Spiritual Reawakening. And from that day forward she has always accepted all the signs.



Sherry is not a Medium by choice. Sure, she could get a full-time job and forget about her Mediumship altogether, but this is why she is here. She believes this is her journey. Her life has been about help people, and believes she has been brought to this path. Recently she retired from the College of Chinese Medicine, where she has always been into holistic wellness, she is a (retired) regulated acupuncturist, so she has always been in a field of helping people.

When she “came out of the closet” so to speak, she was scared.

She was concerned for her son’s well-being at school and whether he would be bullied because of her profession. She was also worried about how this would affect her husband who is a business man, what would people think?

Despite these things worrying her, she sat down with her son and husband and told them what she wanted to do.

They responded with the best answer.   “Mom, if you are happy, then we are happy.”

That was all she need for confirmation that she was on the right path for her journey.

She didn’t worry about what others would think from that moment, because she had the love and support from the two most important people in her life.

She feels so blessed and grateful by all the love and support she has received from family and friends.

"I was one of the people that received a reading at the Oshawa show! I have been given a new lease on life based on the message sherry relayed... its like finding out that my loved one never really left me... I just lost the ability to communicate in the same fashion. Now I know it is a possibility to communicate... only thru sherry... love you sherry. Thanks again!!! Xoxo"