Connecting families with loved ones

Relaying messages from spirit to those still living

Believe and you shall receive

Sherry has communicated hundreds of messages.

Experience an Evening with Spirit

Sherry is a conduit for loved ones in spirit to relay messages.

How Can Sherry Help You?

Sherry allows herself to become a conduit or messenger for loved ones in spirit to relay messages to loved ones here on earth. She receives many testimonials from past clients thanking her for forever changing their lives. Sherry however, can’t take all the credit because it’s not just here, the messages come from their loved ones in spirit. She is merely the messenger. Sometimes the readings have really been emotional for both Sherry and the client. “I have had people email me to tell me they were one day away from ending everything. That the reading completely changed their minds.”

dove imagePeople come to Sherry for peace, guidance, closure, messages, comfort and just to make sure their loved ones are with them and are at peace.  They also come to confirm messages they are receiving themselves.


What is the difference between a Psychic & a Medium?

Sherry doesn’t consider herself a “Psychic Medium.”  She considers herself as a Medium.

There is a difference between a Psychic Medium and a Medium. A Psychic is someone who tells people their past, present and future. A Medium is someone who connects families with loved ones who have passed away (in spirit and crossed over) 

There are people who say Mediums can be Psychic, but Psychics cannot be mediums, Sherry doesn’t believe this ideas. Even though, she has told someone that they are pregnant when they didn’t know, she doesn’t consider that Psychic. It is a message from a loved one in spirit.

What sets Sherry apart from other Mediums?

We are all blessed with this ability, and we are all here for the same reason; to help. Sherry truly feels that everyone who has had the pleasure of a reading from her, have something in common with her.

She feels that certain spirits choose her to be their conduit. She is able to relate to family members being murdered, spirits that are responsible for their own passing, abuse and many more tragedies. She feels she is really connected with the people here on earth and in spirit.

When she connects with spirit it’s as if she is telling their story. Not only does it help her, but it also helps her heal. There are no words to describe how grateful she is for this ability. Her mission is to help take them home and make all their problems go away.


Workshops- What do people come away with?

Sherry believes that everyone has the ability to be a Medium. In today’s society it is very hard for people to speak openly about it because it is viewed in a negative way by skeptics.

Sherry’s workshops are a place where people can come and let the wall down. Surrounded by like-minded people, they are in a space where “we” are all here for the same reason. Participants can let their guard down, be open-minded, open-hearted and just let it flow without being ridiculed. Workshops are a place of feeling wanted and not be judged or criticized-it’s a place to just be “ourselves.”

Workshops are also an opportunity to learn to be more confident, and to learn there is no such thing as coincidences. Sherry loves doing workshops because it’s an opportunity to be around family and build new friendships.

Upcoming Events

Christmas in Heaven Workshop- November 2, 2019

Christmas in Heaven Workshop- November 2, 2019

Hope you can join me for this Christmas In Heaven Workshop. You will be building this right from scratch and designing your own. Also, I will be open to spirit receiving and relaying messages. All supplies included. Since you will be designing and decorating your own,...

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Christmas Lantern Workshop- November 3, 2019

Christmas Lantern Workshop- November 3, 2019

Come join me for this Christmas Lantern Workshop. All Supplies are included. Your lantern won't be exact since you will be decorating your own. There will be tonnes of decorations to choose from. This photo doesn't do it justice. xo There will also be a couple...

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"I was one of the people that received a reading at the Oshawa show! I have been given a new lease on life based on the message sherry relayed... its like finding out that my loved one never really left me... I just lost the ability to communicate in the same fashion. Now I know it is a possibility to communicate... only thru sherry... love you sherry. Thanks again!!! Xoxo"